History of Personality Tests

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What is the history of personality tests?  Firstly, there are several types of personality tests and more to come as studies continue. However, one may argue that the first prototype of a personality test was back in the Garden of Eden.  It was at that tempting moment that the serpent propositioned Eve to eat fruit of the forbidden tree.

Disagree, then I encourage you to read Genesis 3:1-6.   What would cause us to do things contrary to what we confess we believe or know.  What persuasion did the serpent have on Eve or was it that he did not have any just the knowledge of studying her behavior?

What is the purpose of a personality test? Personality tests analyze our responses and categorize them based on prior studies to suggest an outcome. The serpent studied Eve and Adam long before he tempted Eve.  The Bible says that the serpent was craftier than any of the wild animals that God had made.  Based on the serpent’s study of Eve he was confident of what her response would be and without fail, she passed the assessment in his favor.

Just as the serpent, scientist, psychologist, psychiatrist and theologians have study human behavior and compiled their data in the form of a personality test or assessment. Have you heard the phrase “nothing new under the sun”?  Here you have in the Garden of Eden your first Christian personality test!

History of Personality Tests

What is the validity of personality test results? You passed the written examination, breezed through the interview with excellence and now all that remains is this simple assessment. In fact, it is so harmless that calling it a test is viewed as too stiff. If that is true then why do many persons feel disenchanted about personality test, oh sorry ASSESSMENTS?

The reason is simple; we have not viewed it as a tool to enhance us but rather a device to hinder us.  We perish for lack of knowledge.  Like anything, some profile results of personality test do not measure up and then there are those that have done their homework and are very accurate.  The serpent took his studies and used it for his personal gain.  However, God said that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. We have included links for personality tests our research has found to be productive in meeting your need.

How do you take a personality test? There are offline personality test and on line personality test. However, the mindset of “how to take personality test” is to embrace it as a tool to give you positive feedback about yourself. You must be truthful when answering the questions or your results are based on misinformation.

Honestly, you have some ideas of your character type. The assessment more strategically pinpoints these traits and analyzes your weaknesses and strengths. Who would not want to know their weakness and strength; this is how you develop a personal plan for growth. To find yourself in a paralytic state not growing is death in itself.

What are the types of personality tests?  There is a history of personality tests, categories vary from personal, business, career and spiritual growth among many.  Please click on the following link for specific types.