Holiday in Siena, Tuscany

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You have chosen right if you are planning a Siena holiday. To most people, this city is much more appealing than Florence. This walled medieval city draped over three hills is the capital of the province of Siena. Its barely one square mile area is crammed with palaces that were once residences of nobles and royalties who ruled this city during its colorful and contentious history.

Siena was always at war since its inception – but managed to restore much of its historic edifices when peace finally came. It was also once the center of commerce in Tuscany, home of the finest university, a financial center, and the biggest hospital during its time. Even so now, it has managed to maintain that reputation.

A typical Siena holiday will always involve walking, as this city is practically off-limits to four-wheeled vehicles. When walking in Siena, one cannot help but wonder how the many palaces have withstood the ravages of war and the passage of time. Well, there was a time after the black plague that Siena was at its lowest level economically. Her enemies did not bother her for there was no booty to be had. Then relative peace and economic independence came, and the Sienese went to preserving their heritage – even added to it, in form of art and impressive buildings.

For Siena has a lot to be proud of.

The visitor to this city cannot miss the many sculptures of the she-wolf suckling the twins Romulus and Remus. This is the city’s symbol, a carry-over from the time when Senius, son of Remus, founded Siena, and is tightly intertwined with its history.

Attractions in Siena that you will also unavoidably encounter include its many portals and arches, the Palazzo Publico with its needle straight Torre di Mangia, the striped Duomo, the world famous Palio, the unique il Campo, its many fountains, and not to mention that two popes were born here. All these are a source of pride for the Sienese. These are but a few – this city has a lot more to offer in form of attractions and history.

Holiday in Siena, Tuscany

How To Get Here:

To start your Siena holiday, you can come here through any of the following routes:

  • By plane – To Pisa, Florence or Rome: and then by train, bus or car.
  • By train – From Florence: transfer to the railway station in Florence, where there are trains to Siena every hour until 9 pm. (journey time: 1:45 hours).

    From Pisa: from the airport station, changing in Empoli (about 2 hours).

    From Rome: from the airport station changing at Rome Central, and Chiusi (about 3 hours).

  • By bus – From Florence: direct bus from Sitabus station (opposite Santa Maria Novella railway station) every hour until 7 pm.

    If you are coming from Florence, this is the best option, as the bus takes you inside the city center.

  • By car – From North: superstrada Florence Siena, exit Siena Nord. From South: autostrada A1, exit Bettolle for Siena.

Prepare to be surprised by this city. Explore it on foot and bask in its charms and spectacular views.

Have a nice Siena holiday.