Holiday Photo – Capturing memories of your trip

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When you are on vacation, it is a great time to capture holiday photo and record the memories of your family together.

I usually keep a compact point-and-shoot digital cameras handy, so that I can easily snap family pictures of the kids running about during rest stops and destination.

Keeping your cameras during vacation

As you know, heat can destroy electronic devices such as digital cameras. Therefore, use a camera bag if you have it. Then store the camera bag on the floor of your vehicle or on the shady side of the car seats. For better protection, I usually place a towel over it to avoid direct sunlight.
Holiday Photo   Capturing memories of your trip

To ensure a pleasant trip, do not leave any valuables in your car. And that includes the digital camera. Always take the camera with you to avoid theft, and also to prevent it from overheating. If you have to leave it in the car, then make sure the car is under shade and the camera is not visible through the window to tempt thieves.

Ideas For Great Holiday Photo

Many vacations are once-in-a-life-time trips to a certain locations. Since you have a digital camera, you may want to shoot as many holiday photo as possible. Unlike film photography, you need not spend money on films. However, if you are on a long vacation, you may wish to bring a notebook computer along. I usually download my holiday photo onto the computer’s hard disk everyday, so as to free up storage space on the memory cards. I also make it a point to copy the digital images into another CD ROM before I erase all the digital images in the camera’s memory cards.

Vacations can give you the opportunity to take a variety of holiday photos, including candids, posed portrait and scenics:

  • Grab the camera and run ahead of your family. Then turn around and photography them as they walk up the path to the place of interests.
  • Established a traditional pose – like all members jumping in unison.
  • capture some moments of your children posing in front of monuments and landmarks
  • Ask your kids to pose with a statue, and mimic its posture. I’m sure holiday photo like this will bring back lots of memory to everyone.
  • Snap shots of your children in front of various backdrops while you are on the road. Signs are great, especially if they include the name of village or town, or are humorous.
  • Don’t forget to use the hotel or camp site where your family stays as backdrop. These are all good memories in years to come.
  • Don’t forget to use self-timer to get holiday photo of the entire family. If you don’t have a tripod, you can rest your camera on a flat and sturdy surface such as the top of your car. Check through the view finder after you have get everyone in position. Make sure you have left a space for yourself. Then “trip” the self-timer and take your place in the group.
  • All too often, when we come back from vacation, we realise that there are many photos of the family, but none of the designated photographers. One way to avoid this is to take turn to become the photographer. Asking a tourist or passer-by to take the picture is also a good way.
  • Take candid shots. We usually line-up everybody to take photos at scenic spots. Try restrict this approach only at key landmarks, and spend the rest of your time taking candid pictures of your family. They were probably too excited with the beautiful scenery and do not notice that you are taking their pictures.
  • If there is a chance for the children to swim or splash in water, bring along your camera. All children love swimming or splashing in the water. You will be able to capture some great candid holiday photo, since they will be preoccupied and unaware that you are taking their photos. A waterproof camera can be a good idea. If you do not have one, you might want to consider the more affordable disposable models. These cameras will allow you to get right into the water with your children without ruin your camera. For fun-filled shots, move close to your children and ask them to splash water at you!
  • If the places you visited have very different culture and lifestyles, you can photograph the local folks involved in the rituals of daily life. A great way to remember these places indeed.