Holistic skin care for your animal companions

Natural pet care should be the first port of call. Our pet’s health is a constant concern, and with natural and holistic pet care we can rest assured that we are giving our pet the best we can, through a holistic approach.

With serious medical conditions, of course we should call the vet. But with skin problems and other minor ailments – the kind we would treat at home if a partner or your child had a similar complaint – why not treat our pet at home too? Either by making skin care treatments at home or sourcing natural, holistic products from reliable sources.

Keeping our pets clean and healthy means that they need to be washed regularly to keep them smelling nice (a must for indoor pets) and to keep their skin and coat in good condition. This is the case with all our furry friends, be they dogs, cats, rats, ferrets or mice.

Feathery and scaly critters need to be kept clean and their skin cared for too of course, but bathing them is not necessarily the best option, and you have to be even more careful what products you use.

Back to the furry variety – what we wash them with is the really important part. An animal’s coat and skin are in effect its ‘clothing’, keeping a careful balance of natural friendly bacteria and oils to condition the skin and repel water. If we wash those natural oils and necessary bacteria away, we risk disrupting that delicate balance, creating skin conditions and leaving them vulnerable to illness.

Holistic skin care for your animal companions

As with us humans, with animal skin care the simpler and more natural the skin care you use, the better. Go back to basics with your pet’s skin care, taking a holistic and natural approach – why should their skin be any less sensitive than ours? Natural pet care is a solution empowering you to take charge of your pet’s needs.

So with a healthy, natural diet, as well as natural, holistic and chemical free skin care, your pet should stay healthy and vital, with a cosy coat to match!