Home Decor Ideas

Here are a few simple home decor ideas that will transform your rooms instantly, without having to spend a lot of money on major renovations.
If you think home decorating involves expensive changes to flooring, paint and furniture, think…

  Home Decor Ideas

Wall Accessories!

Any interior designer worth their salt will tell you that swapping your accessories around can change how a room looks and feels instantly. Work with what you already have or add to your collection with a few new pieces that make bold color statements and draw the eye.

If you can only afford to revitalize one room in your house, make it the room that most visitors will see first, or spend the most time in. For most of us this is the living room.

Dark colored sofas and love seats can be transformed instantly by tossing a new colorful throw over them that screams “spring”. Look for something that has one or more of the colors that are “in” for the season.

Bright brilliant reds, golds and red-oranges complimented with warm, rich brown-based neutrals are going to be hot in 2006!

If you have trouble choosing complimentary colors use a color wheel, found at any hardware store that sells paint. Complimentary colors are found opposite each other, while dominant and accent colors appear side-by-side on the wheel.

For more on color accents and ideas for the do-it-yourselfer see The Envied Interior . Joanne Wise is an accomplished interior designer with some great down to earth, simple home decor ideas that will transform your home into the envy of the neighbourhood. Her section on “designer secrets” is a must read for anyone thinking about redoing a room.

But the single most important change we can make to a room is often the one most over-looked.

Your wall art!

Most people never think to rotate their wall accessories and will often have the same pictures hanging in the same old spots forever.

Why not switch out the pictures on your walls with new vibrant art that makes a bold color statement.

Large, hand painted oil on canvas art is uniquely rich in texture and instantly adds a focal point to any room.
Modern, contemporary artwork will transform your living room from drab to fab!