Home party games are an awesome way to keep friends laughing and enjoying themselves

I played some home party games in Costa Rica a few years back and MAN were they awesome! Talk about keeping your friends laughing! There is no need to worry about things slowing up or having dull conversations plague the house…throw in a few games, sit back and watch the magic!!

These games are great for any occasion: Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, direct sales, etc. Start with an icebreaker like the M&M Ice Breaker and then continue with one of these home party games!

Game 1: Balloon Stomp

This games seems like a kids game…and it is…but it is hilarious to play with adults…especially if there are one or two rather stuffy adults!!

Materials Needed:

-Balloon, blown up, one for each person playing.

-String, to tie the balloon to the guests ankle.

Prep Work:

-Prepare the balloons by blowing them up and tying a long strand of string to each.

Home party games are an awesome way to keep friends laughing and enjoying themselves

How to Play:

-Have each guests tie a balloon to their ankle. (left or right, doesn’t matter)

-Once everyone has their balloon tied on, someone will shout “BEGIN!”

-The last person with an un-popped balloon tied to their ankle wins! ( a prize is very nice here!)

there are a couple of variations you can play:

1. For an added surprise, have a few of the balloons have a little something inside of them (Hershey’s kisses, small rubber balls, anything fun that will fit inside. Many items will fit inside a balloon, even if it looks to big. To place something inside a balloon, begin with a deflated balloon, stretch the mouth of the balloon wide and slowly work your prize inside. Once there, then blow up the balloon like normal!

2. For direct sales, place a surprise in side the balloon as described above, but also place a piece of paper inside with a name of one of your products on it. Glue the surprise to the paper so the guest will pick up both at once, when the balloon is popped. When everyone has finished the game and a winner is declared, seat your guests in a circle, let them enjoy the treats they found (and possibly pass around more for the others!) and then have them hand in the papers one by one…at this point you can introduce your products! FUUUUUN! Definitely one of my favorite home party games to play when introducing a new line of products!

Game 2: Zip Zap Zop

I was recently introduced to this game and it was such a blast! It is harder than it sounds!

Materials Needed:


Prep Work:


How to Play:

-Begin by sitting in a circle.

-One player starts and you go clockwise or counter clockwise from that person. (choose which direction prior to game start!)

-The first person says “Zip” the next person says “Zap” and the next says “Zop”–Continue this way, around the circle.

-You must say the word that should come next in the order, if you Mess up the order, you are out and must leave the circle. If you laugh, you are out and must leave the circle.

-When it gets down to two people, it becomes VERY tricky! The same rules apply and only one person will win!

This is such a great choice for home party games, for kids, teens or adults!

Game 3: Clump

This is a great game to play for any age group…lots of fun and energy!

Materials Needed:


Prep Work:

-Just choose a cool tune.

How to Play:

-Play some music and have everyone mingle or dance…I prefer dance!

-One person, the moderator, will operate the music.

-The moderator can stop the music whenever she likes, when she does, she yells a specific number (ex: 7–must be less than the number of guests present!)

-The guests must rush to form groups of that number. (for example: Say there are 15 guests and the proctor stops the music and yells “5″, the guests must form 3 groups of 5!

It is hilarious to see everyone scramble into the groups!