Home School Curriculums and How Homeschooling Dads Can Discuss Them Intelligently

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“I’ve switched home school curriculums,”says your wife, energetically, as you sit down for your first morning cup of coffee.

But, you have a meeting at work in an hour and as you look into her bright, cheerful eyes you know that you’re going to miss the pre-meeting donuts.

I’m right there with you, buddy!

Prepare yourself for this conversation ahead of time. With a little knowledge you can offer some intelligent commentary, be on the road in 10, and working on your second cup of coffee with a good 30 minutes to check email before the morning meeting. The trick is, to make this 10 minute conversation satisfying for the both of you!

What is it a homeschooling dad wants to know about home school curriculums? We’re all simple, concrete guys, right. But we can be complex, forward-thinking process men as well. We want the same thing our partner wants, for our children to have a great education and to not be driven crazy trying to provide it.

The first thing is to know your homeschooling method.

Home School Curriculums and How Homeschooling Dads Can Discuss Them Intelligently

Many homeschoolers have religious and moral values that are incorporated into their home school curriculums but there are also several distinct approaches to the teaching.
Once you understand your homeschooling method you will be able to better relate to the curriculum.

Next, get an overview of your curriculum. If you use multiple products and try “Google” search alone you may suck-up a lot of “you” time. There are a lot of sites that review home school curriculums but weeding through those is for the professionals (homeschooling moms) not Homeschooling Dads! We just need an intelligent synopsis, right?

There are 2 sites I like for quick and solid homeschooling information: Rainbow Resource is a sales site. Don’t let her catch you on it, buddy, or you’re stuck!. This site has a keyword search that lets you put in the ISBN. Easy! When you find your product you’ll see some short intelligent reviews by mostly homeschoolers. Read a few of the reviews and you will be up to speed!

If you don’t find your product at Rainbow check out Cathy Duffy’s Reviews. If you don’t find your product at Rainbow check out Cathy Duffy’s Reviews. Not a sales site. Her reviews are a little verbose but don’t worry, I don’t want you to miss “30 Rock” tonight either. Homeschooling dads gotta stick together, right?

When you find your home school resource in question feel free to read the review or shoot right down to the bottom and look for the “Instant Key”. That key will give you the meat. Here’s the Homeschooling Dad’s primer on her key:

    • Learning Style: “Wiggly Willy”, “Perfect Paula”, “Competent Carl”, “Sociable Sue”. More on learning styles later but from the description you can probably come to your own conclusion
    • Suitable for: Usually one on one or groups or independent.
    • Audience: Usually grade level.
    • Need for parent/teacher instruction: Minimal to High (“Minimal”, give them the worksheet and go back to surfing for more home school resources, for “Moderate” the instructor should expect to devote some time to one on one teaching; “High”, plan to make the coon skin cap with the kids!)
    • Prep time needed: 0 to High. “0” would be letting the kids know where the books are and hitting the snooze button. “High” would be getting started the night before. You’re on for dishes duty, Dad!
    • Need for Teacher’s Manual: Yes or No. Will you have to shell out more money or not?
    • Religious perspective: Self explanatory. Sometimes “secular” or non-religious.

It is likely that your homeschooling partner has already been to both the sites but just mentioning them will probably score you some points. If this is new information to her you’ve hit the


Put the kids to bed early tonight and pick out some romantic tunes.

Nevertheless you now know your homeschooling method and can cleverly discuss home school curriculums. You have two wins under your belt. Your partner is happy because you know where she’s coming from and you are out the door with time to look at the morning’s emails before having to start the day.

Most importantly you are truly involved with one of your most important life decisions; your children’s education.

Why don’t you go ahead and have that donut before the meeting. You’ve put in some extra time. You deserve it, Homeschooling Dad!