Home School Science Curriculum

Since these home school science curriculum are meant for preschoolers, they are not really a curriculum. They are more like science activity books that you can do with your preschoolers to introduce the concept of science, or just to have fun.

    • Mudpies to Magnets
      This books is recommended by “The Well Trained Mind” and it’s really good. I say it’s good because the activities are easy to do and they work. Plus, the book contains only enough so you’re not overwhelmed with too many activities.
    • Everybody has a body
        More on ‘human biology’ but presented in a fun way for kids. Very concise book.

Home School Science Curriculum


    • Bubbles, rainbows and worms
      Like ‘mudpies to magnets’ but from different author. Simple, easy, fun, science activities for kids.
    • Giant encyclopedia of science activities
      It’s what it says “GIANT.” There’s just so many activities in this huge book.
    • Pint-size science : finding out fun for you and your young child

This small book is perfect for a starter. It has simple, easy to do activities that some of you might have been doing already. The activities are very easy to do that I often thought “I could’ve done that. Why didn’t I think of it before ?”

I don’t believe you have to ‘teach’ science to young children, just yet. You can tell them about it, play science activities without forcing them to learn science. These books help you with that.

Additionally, you may find home school science curriculum at your local library. Ask for books on science for young kids. Like the books I’ve listed above, these won’t be real curriculum. These are good reading (especially for YOU, to answer those questions that your kids always bombard you with) and may provide you with ideas. For example, a book on animal homes may take you and your child exploring your own backyard looking for bird nests.