Home Window Security Made Easy

Home window security is critical. Did you know that windows are the #1 point of entry for burglars? Don’t become the next victim. You can secure your windows easily and cheaply by following these simple strategies. Let me help you take the first step in complete home security by improving your windows today.

We should begin by taking a survey of all your windows, including basement, garage, and all second-story windows that can be reached from a tree limb or low roof.

Please remember to take notes on what improvements should be made to secure windows.

Home Window Security Made Easy

Home Window Security Survey:

1. Make sure that the frames of your windows are not rotting or rusted.

  • If there is rust or rot on your window, you might want to think about having the window replaced.
  • Windows in bad repair make it much easier for a burglar to pry or break into. Not much force is needed on a rotting window!

2. Do the latches and hinges work correctly?

  • If they are broken, replace.

3. Do your windows have a blocking device, window security bars or lock?

  • Most windows have latches, not locks. So, you should have some kind of blocking device or window security bars installed for securing.
  • You can chose from inexpensive wooden dowels or sticks, which are used for horizontal sliding windows.
  • Window locks can be added to many types of windows.

4.Are your basement windows secured?

  • Are these windows in good repair?
  • Do they have a blocking device or lock?
  • If there are no blocking devices, you might want to think about installing a window grill or cover.

5.Don’t forget the garage windows!

  • Replace if rotten or rusted
  • Install blocking device or lock.

Home Security Locks?
As I mentioned earlier, most windows have latches not locks. Locks are always a good deterrent and can be purchased quickly and easily online or at a DIY store.

What are Blocking Devices?
Another option for home window security would be to use a blocking device. They can be used to prevent an intruder from sliding a window open from the outside. A variety of blockers can be purchased at your local hardware store or online.

For example:

  • You can secure a horizontal-sliding window by placing pins through the window frames.
  • Inexpensive wooden dowels or sticks can be used to prevent windows from sliding.
  • But remember screws and nails should never be permanently installed on windows that are considered emergency exits(bedroom windows). Instead use a window lock with accessible key.