Homeschool Class, Club, or Resource Center

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What is a homeschool class ? Well, homeschooling doesn’t mean YOUhave to teach your children everything. You need to lead them to resources to quench their thirst for knowledge.

A homeschool class is just my own term for any class that your child (or yourself) can take. They can be a class offered by a community center, zoo, aquarium, arboretum, museum, anything.

How do you find it ? Well, the easiest way is to go to your community center and ask them if they offer any classes. Community center usually offers art classes, cooking classes and sport classes.

For more specific things you may want to learn, you can go to the expert. If, for example, your child has been asking you about trees and why they have no leaves on winter, you could go to a local arboretum. Or if there isn’t any around you, maybe you have a friend who is a botanist. Ask him/her if he/she would be willing to just talk with your child.

Homeschool Class, Club, or Resource Center

Many zoo/aquarium/arboretum have educational programs where they offer classes for children (and adults). Farms, gardens, or even factories may have workshops that you can sign up to learn more about what they offer. Gardening classes, farming, cheese making, butter making, all sort of things.

What if they don’t have any class or workshop to offer ? I can have no homeschool class ? Don’t despair, maybe they don’t have it because there is no demand. So if you start asking for it, and your friends too (or your homeschool group), maybe they’ll start something.

Homeschool Class, Club, or Resource Center

Or you can form your own homeschool club. Chess club, math club, reading club, writing club, book club, physics club, you name it. Invite an expert to help the children learn more about what interest them. Or maybe one of the parent is an expert.

One of the good thing about homeschooling is that you can go to a class or form a club, and learn from somebody who is really the expert, instead of from a person who is trying to know everything and ended up knowing too little of everything.

If you want your something more structured and ‘class like’, see if there is a homeschool resource center in your area. This is good if you feel like you really can’t teach a subject and your kid needs help. It’s like a ‘part-time’ school. Plus it has lots of resources and materials.