Homeschool Field Trips

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Field trips are just FUN, FUN, FUN ! It’s my best homeschooler activity. And they are real learning, kids get to see the real thing. This is especially good for the little ones since they understand more when they see it.

A couple field trip tips :

  • Make sure you let the organizer know that you’re in a homeschool group, which means more adults to chaperone the kids.
  • Check if it is appropriate for your kids age and if younger ones can tag along

Here are just a few ideas on homeschool field trips :

    • Donut shop / bakery / candy / ice cream factory
        Go to your local donut shop and ask if they can give you a tour. Younger kids may not understand every single piece of information about the flour, sugar and all, but they’d love looking at the equipments and the process of making donut/candy/ice cream/what have you, not to mention eating them fresh.

Homeschool Field TripsHomeschool Field Trips


    • Airport
      My son loves airplane so he goes wild everytime we go to the airport. Ask the airport if they’d be willing to give a tour. Ask for something that kids hardly see in the airport, like how the baggage goes from the check-in desk to the airplane, how they bring in the food and clean the airplane. It may be a little difficult since airport has all the security check going on, but you can try and maybe they’ll let you tour some site of the airport.

    • Newspaper printing
      Tour what it takes to print a single page. From news hunting, writing, editing, printing, distribution.

    • Local radio / TV station
      This should be really exciting. Maybe they’ll even let the kids pretend to be on radio/TV.

    • Museum / zoo / arboretum
      This is obvious. Just want to include them here.

    • Garbage collection
      What happens to our trash once we trash it. It still has a long way to go. Tour your local garbage collection site and see what really happens. It may makes you more ‘environmentally friendly’.

    • Recycle dump
    • Water /sewage treatment site
      You could get biology lessons here. How do we get clean water home ? Is it really clean ?

    • Post office
      Tour how they get the mails in, sort them, and finally out of the office.