Honest Review – DriveImage XML

Rating: 9.5


DriveImage XML


Version Tested:

System Requirements:

Windows XP / Server 2003 / Vista / 7


  • Backup logical drives and partitions to image files
  • Browse images, view and extract files
  • Restore images to the same or a different drive
  • Copy directly from drive to drive
  • Schedule automatic backups
  • Can run from WinPE or BartPE boot CD-ROM / DVD-ROM
  • Very Fast
  • Backup and restore drives formatted with FAT 12, 16, 32 and NTFS


  • Not as pretty as some of the others
  • Does not make incremental backups


Very impressive backup utility. You can make an exact duplicate image of your hard drive, then if you ever run into trouble, restore your system to the pristine condition it was in before disaster without having to reboot.

You can select individual files, folders, or drives and browse them like an archive at will. Even though you can’t do incremental backups, backups based only on those files that have changed or modified on your drive, you still can set up scheduled backups at any interval needed.

Honest Review   DriveImage XML

The process is very fast. I can completely backup an exact image of my main drive, to my backup partition, 125GB in just over 15 minutes.

Now, for the best part. With the use of BartPE you can create a bootable windows pre-installation environment from a CD or DVD, run Drive Image XML from the CD and restore your hard drive to the condition it was in the last time you made a backup image. No need to reinstall and setup all of your programs and no data loss.

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