Honest Review On “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”

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“Stella L’Eclaire can’t understand why this has become an international bestseller!”
The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin S.Sharma has for some reason become an international bestseller, but I can’t say I understand why. First of all, Sharma is writing this as a fable, a form that he doesn’t master at all. Traditional fables are intelligent, this is not. The way Sharma is using cliché-type, unreal characters with no credibility whatsoever to bring his message through just doesn’t work with me. Actually, it works against me.

Julian, a lawyer making tons of money (and driving a Ferrari), has a heart attack, quits his job, goes to India and bumps into a guru that teaches him everything. He returns home and meets up with his old friend and college, who lives a dull, sleepy life, and then teaches him everything over a cup of herb tea. The only time the friend asks any questions is when the author needs it to move the story forwards. The most stupid part of the book is that really artificial symbol of “Julian’s wisdom” the author for some reason has chosen: A fat suomo wrestler coming out of a lighthouse with a pink cord around his thighs – or something like that. I never got the point.

Having said that: The actual teachings of the book are great: Focus on what you love to do, be grateful for all the good things in life, give to others, use your time wisely – and more. It’s just a shame that Sharma couldn’t get this through in a more intelligent way.

Honest Review On The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari