Honest Review – Squirrel Buster

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Squirrels can be a major source of frustration to wild bird lovers. You put up a nice bird feeder, spend a decent amount on bird food, and then those pesky squirrels help themselves to a large part of it. Sometimes it’s not even the cost that gets you mad but the time it takes to keep refilling the feeders.

There a many number of bird feeders on the market that claim to be able to stop squirrels from getting at the bird food. While many put forth a great effort and do provide an obstacle to hungry squirrels, they do not stop them over time. That’s because squirrels are crafty little creatures that soon learn to beat the system. Many people use the method of “If you can’t beat them, join them” by feeding the squirrels separately with designated squirrel feeders and food.

There may be other good systems out there, but the best I’ve ever seen is called the Squirrel Buster by a company called Brome Bird Care. It was designed by a wild bird lover and engineer and is 100% effective if installed (hung) out of grasping range of squirrels (16 inches). They thought of everything in the design except how to restock itself when you are out of town. This won’t be as big an issue however since the squirrels won’t be helping to empty it.

Honest Review   Squirrel Buster

The squirrel buster works by allowing wild birds to feed on the perches, but when a red or gray squirrel hops on their weight closes the feeding doors. There are a few other systems out there that work this way but they are beaten by the squirrels in just a few days. Squirrels don’t give up!!! They eventually find a weakness in the design & beat those other bird feeders. But… squirrels do not beat the Brome Bird Care Squirrel Buster.

Honest Review   Squirrel Buster

Some of the exceptional feature of the Squirrel Buster include:

  • Ventilation System for the Tube
  • Inexpensive compared to competition
  • Removable perches
  • Negative grip (anti-squirrel) tube
  • Seed level indicator
  • GUARANTEED Squirrel proof
  • Dismantles for easy cleaning
  • Birds are fed, not squirrels

Note: You will be satisfied with this product, give it a try. You can find it at wild bird supply stores or gardening centers.