Honest Reviews Of Lighthouse Books

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Lovers of the lighthouse will enjoy Lighthouse Books for their history, and magnificent pictures. These books tell the true stories of the many lighthouses of the world. They are gifts that make sure the important contributions lighthouses have made in our past, are remembered throughout our future.

When considering lighthouse gifts, you can’t go wrong with a good book. Your recipient will enjoy reading it, as well as learn a lot about a very important part of our nautical history. A long history that goes all the way back to the Pharaohs of Egypt.

When it comes to Lighthouse Books, one of the top authors is Ray Jones of Pebble Beach, California. He has authored/co-authored fourteen top selling books on lighthouses, as well as several on Americana and American history.

Some of his most popular would include:

The Lighthouse Encyclopaedia: The Definitive Reference. From the days of the Pharaohs, to Cape Hatteras’s rescue from destruction, and everything in between. A marvellous A-Z source for lighthouse technology, organizations, history, and the people that have played important roles in that history. Also has a directory of more than 150 lighthouses throughout the world. It’s title says it all, it is a Definitive Reference.

American Lighthouses, 2nd: A Definitive Guide by Ray Jones, Bruce Roberts. Takes you on a tour of the historical beacons that cover the United states. From New England, Cape Hatteras, Florida, Lake Michigan, California, and Oregon, the tour covers 500 lighthouses. A comprehensive guide to American lighthouses.

Honest Reviews Of Lighthouse Books

Legendary Lighthouses by John Grant, Ray Jones. The companion Lighthouse Book to the PBS series, it explores the fascination with lighthouses. Illustrated with beautiful pictures, many taken during the filming of the television series.

Legendary Lighthouses, Volume II by John Grant, Ray Jones. From Honolulu, The Aleutian Islands, Galveston, to Lake Erie, Volume II follows up where the first left off. Amazing pictures, and stories bring each tower to life.

Endangered Lighthouses: The Plight of 50 American Lights and the Efforts Being Made to Save Them by Tim Harrison, Ray Jones. Takes you coast to coast, showing you 50 American lighthouses that are endangered. Tells their history, and what is being done with each. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Cedar Island in New York, and Waugoshance in Michigan are a few of the 50 discussed.

The Ultimate Book of Lighthouses: History-Legend-Lore-Design-Technology-Romance by Samuel Willard Crompton, Michael J. Rhein. Illustrated with over 200 color photographs, offers a panoramic look at the history of these beacons of strength.

Definitely worth while is Lighthouse Digest. This monthly magazine has news on preservation, and the different groups saving lighthouses. A lot of interesting reading, with up to date information.

These are a few of the most popular found at Amazon.com., and we recommend each of them. There are many more great books. Be sure to take a look at the large selection of Lighthouse Books at Amazon.com.

Hope these help you in your lighthouse gifts search.