Horizon Treadmill Ratings – Good Treadmills For The Money

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Before investing your hard earned money in a treadmill, it is always a good idea to do some research first on the kind of models that are available. Each exerciser will have their own particular fitness goals, and will have different requirements of the treadmill that they choose to purchase, so the first step is always a careful consideration of your own needs. After that, it is time to start looking at the reviews! Thankfully, there are plenty of these around, including Smooth, Proform, Horizon, and other treadmill ratings. But if you are looking for a treadmill that is great value for money, Horizon treadmill’s ratings are very positive.

The Horizon Elite treadmills price is definitely worth a look – Horizon offer a great range of products from the 1.1T at $899 to the Horizon Fitness Elite 5.1T treadmill at $1999. While the more expensive models are not rated quite as highly as the lower price treadmills, the cheaper models are consistently reviewed as offering a great treadmill for your money. Models such as the T-30 are also highly recommended for beginners, because of their low price and their suitability for walking and light jogging. Horizon Fitness treadmill reviews also point out the good size running belt and the good motor power – the T-40 and the CST3 treadmills both include a 2.0 HP motor.

The only negative thing that Horizon Fitness treadmill reviews mention is the only average warranty that comes with the Horizon Elite treadmills, and some of their other models – the treadmill motor is guaranteed for ten years, and while the parts warranty is better than that offered by other manufactures, at one year, the labor guarantee is only ninety days. This leads some reviewers to question the reliability of some the treadmill components, though the service record of Horizon is deemed to be excellent. Despite this reservation of some reviewers, Horizon overall have a very good reputation in the treadmill manufacturing field.

Horizon Treadmill Ratings   Good Treadmills For The Money

Overall, Horizon treadmill ratings are excellent, and their treadmills are particularly recommended for those looking for a less expensive model. So if you are looking for a good treadmill at a reasonable price, Horizon gets the reviewer’s thumbs up!