Horses and cartoons, do they go together?

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Horses and cartoons, do they go together….. they sure do.

You would not think that you could do much with horses, as a horses face does not show much emotion – due to their faces not having many muscles. But that never stopped the cartoonist.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”~ Scott Adams

So the imagination went to the front line and the expressions in a horse cartoon. Can almost show us what the horse might be thing. If put into expressions.

Lets think about what we can use, when it comes to horses……. Think about their different sizes for one. We have tall horses, big horses, short horses, and darn right small horses. Surely there is something we can start to work with here.

We only have to think about the Shetland Pony, for one. They have fat bellies, short legs and mountains of scruffy hair. So they are great to set your imagination off on different tangents.

What about the heavy horses, with their big bushy feet and rather large rumps.we could go on…..

And we shall……….

The good ol race horse, with its long legs and skinny frame. You could also then think of attitude. As owners have different attitudes. From cheeky children at a riding school. You could then think of a tinkers horse pulling an old cart. To the highly strung race horse, parading around in the starters circle.

Horses and cartoons, do they go together?

Do you see where I’m coming from?

Where I’m heading?

If all else fails, and you are stuck for ideas. You can go

back to the basics. Build up your own little story, the characters. Their environment even………

Have a look at these drawings I have drawn here to get some ideas…………

What if it was teaming down with rain, how would your horse feel?  What would he look like?  Not so good I am sure. What if it was a situation where your horse was at a show, dressed out in its best gear. Only to look sodden and cold by the rain as it falls into its eyes, and the bows in its main and tail are all hanging down sodden and completely wet.

There’s more than getting a diagram of lines and circles set up and just drawing a cartoon horse. You need to look deeper into what you are going to do, and how you are going to go about it.

Without that. How can you go about drawing the horse in a funny situation or character. Yes, that’s right your feeding the fuel to your imagination.

Setting the plot “Artist Wise”.

Once you have chosen what sort of cartoon horse you want to do, you go through these steps. In order to know what sort of situation you are putting your cartoon horse in. And what sort of features your horse will have under the conditions. He or she may be:-

  • Proud

  • Shy

  • Frightened

  • Snobbish

  • Lazy

  • Cheeky

  • Crazy

  • Tired

Think about what I have written here. And remember that art does run into many different areas. Not just the ability to put pen to paper, or paint brush to canvas.

Your imagination is going to be of a great benefit to you as an artist. And learning how to use it in these sorts of circumstances. These are good step to step guides lines for the future. Not only  in this area. In fact many areas of art.