House Tips – Credit Crunch FAQ’s

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Real estate professionals that have been through this before and know what’s coming have already protected themselves.

With so many foreclosures and short sales happening even those not directly hit by the credit crunch are feeling the effects.

Maybe you bought your home and are still OK. Maybe you’ve been transferred in your job. Now what? Do you have to take the loss, or will your company, or will they take a portion of the loss? Looking at how much it’s going to cost you, are you maybe considering not taking the transfer?

These are questions you are going to have to answer. No one can make that judgment for you. The risks are there, no two ways about it.

But, take a moment and consider this and don’t do it because I say so. Do what you need to first. Always.

In my estimation from crises I’ve faced – it is usually better to take the loss, rather than hang on to something that’s costing you money daily with no end in sight.

My personal opinion is to take the hit, move on and get into the new program of creating increasing value for yourself. Psychologically I found it also makes a huge difference. I felt a weight off my shoulders and I could focus on those things that mattered most. I could laugh again, enjoy my work once more and not only feel like, but also know I was contributing greatly to my family and those I worked with.

But when and if you don’t recognize when you’re up to your “A….” in alligators and more are on the way that’s you’re in real danger. And the way we’ve always been taught (or taught nothing at all) about money makes all the difference in the world. What you don’t know will crush you.

House Tips   Credit Crunch FAQs

This credit crunch is no accident. We all went into it quite willingly enough. Do you know how to not only get yourself out, but make sure it doesn’t happen to you again? Do you know how to use their game plan to your benefit?