How About A Retirement Timeshare?

OK, so you’ve retired and found that perfect place to call home and now it’s time for a little getaway. Many retirees have invested in a timeshare of a nice condo, mountain retreat or luxury yacht to have a prepaid getaway.

The nice thing about a timeshare is having a good and familiar place to visit at a special time of the year. Of course, there’s always the flexibility of trading your timeshare for time at any of thousands of timeshare units around the world. A timeshare can also be passed on to your heirs as an item in your Last Will.

You have to do your homework, though, as there are many high pressured salespeople in the timeshare market and you simply should not succumb to their pressure and sales pitch.

Do your research first, investigate the many reputable companies offering timeshares, learn about the timeshare ‘bank’ that facilitates the trading for you and, only then, talk to a timeshare salesperson.

Many folks take advantage of special getaways offered by the timeshare companies wherein they will provide you with a nice condo or hotel room in a resort area just for coming and listening to their sales pitch for an hour or so. You must be thick skinned, though, as they always seem to have a compelling sales story to tell.

How About A Retirement Timeshare?