How about Becoming a Bartender?

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Becoming a Bartender is a great lateral move from waiting tables. It usually comes with a slight pay bonus too. You now have the freedom and responsibility to liquor up your patrons, and make sure they don’t get themselves killed. How about Becoming a Bartender? Just kidding…well sort of.

One of your main focuses of course is to serve the alcohol to your patrons. You’ll usually serve 3 different categories of guests behind the bar. One, will have full dinning at your bar. Another, will simply have cocktails (maybe even an appetizer) while waiting for a table in the main dinning room. Finally, there are the patrons that just come out to drink. However, you must keep in mind that you do have a responsibility as the person who pours that drink not to over-serve a patron or serve a visibly intoxicated person. A person is killed every 40 minutes in the U.S. by drunk driving. You’ll receive bar training by your employer, who should cover over-serving and intoxication quite frequently to really drive the point home.

How about Becoming a Bartender?

During training you will shadow a bartender whom will help you practice memorizing drinks, learning the particular alcohols and their proportions, wine and beer service, and responsibility with a cash register.

Behind a bar you will meet many different types of colorful characters and the personalities they pour out. Mix that with alcohol, and shake it up with the fact that an unhappy drunk who doesn’t like you won’t tip well, and you have quite the cocktail on your hands!

So what can we do?

Easy, learn a few signature drinks to entertain with, and keep your guests laughing!

Keeping your guests on the “Happy High” throughout their experience is essential for making money behind the bar. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve had thrown at me for being quick witted and funny, than for actually making a drink.

Being a Bartender can be a very fun and rewarding way to work in a restaurant. The extra face-to-face time with your patrons deepens the relationship you have with your guests, and your restaurant. Bartenders are often looked to as the more talented, more responsible individuals in the work place. And yes, we are usually asked for more advice than we probably should be giving. How about Becoming a Bartender?