How about muay thai woman..?

Muay thai woman – Muay thai is conquering the world and the numbers of thai boxing females are increasing very strong. Why muay thai is getting more popular by woman is easy to explain. The Muay thai sport is growing, more and more people want to take a try. In former times muay thai was a sort of taboo for people.

Nowadays you see a lot of violence in the world. There are lots of girls which want to train this sport because they than know how to defend if this is needed. Also self-confidence is an important factor why girls would train muay thai, everything is about competitors.(Who is the most beautiful etc.) There is also another important reason why the numbers are increasing, weight loss. Almost every woman or girl wants to have a great body. Muay thai is excellent if you want to lose weight or get the body you want.

How about muay thai woman..?How about muay thai woman..?

The more girls go train muay thai the higher the level of the fights. In former times girls had the problem that there were probably a few girls or none where you could train with. This belongs to the past. Nowadays they have in almost every gym girls who are training. So don’t think you are the only one….