How Can Hybrid Cars Help?

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People have asked: How can hybrid cars help ? There are many problems Hybrid cars help us with. We all know they help with air pollution. They also help with our dependency on foreign oil. There are also some less critical, but important, problems addressed by hybrid vehicles. We will try to discuss some of them in the following paragraphs.

How can hybrid cars help ? The current average road vehicle contributes plenty to air pollution. Although it isn’t noticed as much outside the cities, it boldly shows up where traffic is concentrated. Where it is prevalent pollution hinders life and endangers the well being of all life. Not enough can be said about the undesired effects of pollution. Burning fossil fuels are one of the major sources of air pollution, and the release of pollution is controlled by EPA standards. How can hybrid cars help ? Hybrid cars greatly diminish this pollution by burning less fuel. This is accomplished by stopping the gasoline engine at stops, and using less fuel when accelerating the vehicle. The electric motor assists the gas engine when more power is needed in starting up from stops and acceleration. This conserves gas, and reduces pollution.

How can hybrid cars help ? Our nation depends a lot on the foreign oil we purchase. We import this oil by the millions of gallons to keep up with our unquenchable thirst for it. It is needed to produce the fuel for the vehicles we drive. It also is needed for a myriad of uses we prioritize it for. Hybrid cars can help by using less oil (fuel) to go to the same places our gas guzzling vehicles go to today. Less fuel used means less fuel needed. China also seems to need a lot more oil. Higher bidding at the market place for oil means higher prices for everyone. It would be nice to reduce our reliance on foreign oil. Any way we can shrink our need should be welcomed. Hybrid use helps to reduce our trade deficit and dependency.

How Can Hybrid Cars Help?

How can hybrid cars help ? The concept of the hybrid car uses the electric motor, which is great for accelerating, and the gas engine, which works best at steady speeds. This dual power dramatically increases the car’s efficiency by capitalizing on the best performance capabilities of each system. Other technological advances increase the abilities of the hybrid car to save gas. Not all hybrid models have all of these features. Regenerative braking helps the battery to recoup some of the energy spent in the electric motors use. Batteries recharge in this way and do not require ‘plugging in’ between uses. This also saves on brake wear and tear, allowing the brakes to be used longer before replacing.

The gauges used on some hybrids show the miles per gallon instantly. The gauges also show the battery recharging. There is a relationship between the gauges that correlates with conservative driving skills. This helps drivers to learn techniques that contribute to maximizing their gas usage.

Small tires have been mounted on some hybrid car models. These are thinner and require less energy in use. This is part of the overall plan to make hybrid cars more efficient. There is a performance trade-off though. Handling is diminished where more traction is desired.

Some hybrid models use the valves of the gasoline engine selectively, when there is less need for the power of all the valves to work. This is usually when the car is up to speed, and a steady speed is needed. Most hybrid models temporarily turn off their gasoline engines when stopped, while the average current road vehicle idles and uses a lot of gas and makes a lot more pollution.

How can hybrid cars help ? A lot of testing and research has helped to develop marketable hybrids. They can make your gas cost go down, after the initial outlay of cash to compensate for the higher price of hybrids. Even at today’s higher prices at the gas pump, the difference in cost between similar models of non-hybrids and hybrids is substantial. It is getting closer though, and government tax incentives help to encourage the average buyer to consider a hybrid. If you drive alot, especially in the city, you could make the savings on gas alone compelling enough to buy a hybrid.