How can I motivate myself?

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Motivation comes from within, it’s like a desire or dream for happiness. We feel motivated when we are happy and believe in something enough to make it happen. Who said people flying was impossible? Who said smiling at someone never made their day? It was someone’s mission to accomplish those things.

You can gain motivation from anywhere! Here are some ways to get motivated.

Listening to music can help lift your mood and get you started. Reading an interesting article in the local newspaper about someone doing something great can inspire you to believe. Reading stories or biographies can help you to continue believing in yourself. Meeting strangers can broaden your views. Reflecting can show your where changes need to be made. Change your mindset and make the decision to take action and be responsible for your own life. Dreams are what make life exciting.

“I look into my future and see how good it would be if I was exactly where I wanted to be. It gives me a driving feeling to believe that I will get there. Each day I think about it and it keeps me going on the daily goals I have set for myself to get me to that place.” Monique

How can I motivate myself?

You don’t have to be motivated or inspired 24/7, you just have to feel it at some point each day. Take it one day at a time and if you have trouble use these motivational tips and resources to get back on track to finding your happy place.

Don’t forget to challenge yourself. Challenge your realities, your fears and your doubts. If you believe it is possible, you can make it possible!