How Can You Permanently Reduce Cat Anxiety?

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For Long-Term Cat Anxiety Management, Use The Feliway Plug-In Unit

How would you like to calm your kitty down long-term, or permanently…and not have to remember to administer drops every day?

How would you feel about going away for the weekend, knowing that kitty’s anxiety levels are still being managed?

It’s possible if you use the Feliway Plug-In modules. Let me explain…

When it comes to managing cat anxiety, Feliway Plug-ins are unique because they contain certain kitty pheromones that are calming to your cat.

Somehow, some genius managed to capture this essence, for lack of a better word, and bottle it!

How Can You Permanently Reduce Cat Anxiety?

But the Feliway folks took this, and made it even better –

They developed a small bottle and an electrical plug-in unit.

That’s right – all you have to do is plug the Feliway module in any wall socket in your house, and start reducing cat anxiety immediately!

How’s this for convenience?

There’s no need to administer anything once or twice a day, because you just plug one (or more) into any electrical outlet in your home.

Buy multiple units to cover the entire house, so kitty is never in a room where she can develop anxiety again.

You can can customize the hormone levels for as many rooms in the house as you like.

“Set it and forget it” – each bottle lasts for a month at a time.

The Feliway hormones diffuses through the air automatically.

Feliway Plug-ins relieves kitty anxiety – she is calmer, and trusts you.

Feliway is safe for cats and humans – no side effects.

Kitty doesn’t urinate outside the box, because she’s no longer anxious, and feels the need to mark spots for comfort.

With Feliway plug-ins, you save money on replacing carpeting, furniture, and bedding, since kitty is now using the cat litter box again.

You’re happier, since the cat urine odor and stain is gone, along with the cat anxiety that once existed.

The whole family is happier since there’s no more tension over kitty’s toilet habit.

Your time is freed up to enjoy your feline and family again, and you can save money on vet visits and medication that may or may not work for your kitty.

Stop cat anxiety now and forever with the Feliway Plug-In for $24.29.

The real pay-off came when I combined the plug-ins AND a calming flowering essence. I noticed much lower cat anxiety on Scout’s part within a day or two.

I am seriously considering putting at least one upstairs, since the little darlings lounge around there as much as they do downstairs. It probably wouldn’t hurt to put one in the basement, since that’s where Scout’s hidey hole is located.

And, stock up on the refill bottles while you’re at it. Don’t let your kitty develop cat anxiety again!

You’ll always have several on hand.