How Cat Attract Litter Will Encourage Your Cat To Use the Litter Box?

The solution to help your cat get back into good litter box habits is Cat Attract Litter. It’s a unique brand of cat litter with herbs and clay.

There are many reasons why cats stop using their litter boxes. Some of the issues are:

  • Medical problems
  • Anxiety
  • Litter box location
  • Type of litter box
  • Type of cat litter

    I was skeptical when I first saw Cat Attract brand litter at one of my local pet stores.

    However, I was ready to try ANYTHING to get Scout back into the habit of using her litter box. I figured buying one bag wasn’t much of a risk.

    I bought one Cat Attract litter bag, took it home, and poured some into a clean litter box. The most amazing thing occurred – Scout started using the litter box again!

How Cat Attract Litter Will Encourage Your Cat To Use the Litter Box?

  • Scout has consistently used the cat litter box since I switched to using Cat Attract brand litter exclusively for her litter boxes.

    If you’ve read through most of my website, then you know I’m no longer a skeptic about Cat Attract brand litter. I was really curious about how Cat Attract brand litter came to be, so I recently contacted Dr. Bruce Elsey, the creator and manufacturer of Cat Attract litter, and conducted the following interview.

    NOTE: All text in BOLD is my highlighting to bring out important points in the interview.

    Cat Urine Odor Advisor: (CUOA) How Did Cat Attract Litter come to you?

    Dr. Elsey: I knew that there was a problem with cats not using the litter box from all the cases I have seen over the years at the All Cat Clinic. I reasoned that a cat litter that would attract cats to the box, a litter that cats preferred to other litters, would be helpful in curing the problem of litter box non use.

    CUOA: How did you develop the 5-step method to solve cat litter box problems?

    Dr. Elsey: It was as a result of taking all my clinical experience and condensing it into a format that would be easy to understand and put into practice.

    CUOA: How did you discover the herbs and clay mix that is so successful for Cat Attract Litter?

    Dr. Elsey: It was as a result of testing and studies that were done at local cat shelters and with clients that had problem cats.

    CUOA: How long has Cat Attract litter been available for sale to feline owners?

    Dr. Elsey: August 2001.

    CUOA: In your opinion, what is the leading cause of inappropriate elimination?

    Dr. Elsey: Litter box aversion.

    CUOA: Do you feel, given the enormity of feline inappropriate elimination, that cat owners have good access to information to quickly resolve the problem?

    Dr. Elsey: I do feel that veterinarians are doing a better job of educating their clients about the problem. Precious Cat Inc. has sent information to shelters, pet stores, and veterinarians to give information that is user friendly. Precious Cat has also sent sample of Cat Attract to veterinary clinics several times a year for the last few years.

    CUOA: Do you think new cat owners should be made aware that inappropriate elimination is a leading factor in placing a cat at a shelter for adoption?

    Dr. Elsey: Yes, owners need to understand the problem and be educated on it. We send free Litter Box Solutions booklets to any shelter or veterinarian that request them.

    CUOA: What is your opinion on using natural flowering essences to calm down stressed out cats?

    Dr. Elsey: I have tried them but have not been able to gather enough firm data to know how well they work. I feel that it can be very subjective and difficult to evaluate how well flowering essences work. I am not saying that they do not work, it’s just that it is difficult to evaluate.

    CUOA: Do you think inappropriate elimination is caused by more than one factor (UTI, bad litter box location, wrong type of litter, etc.), or is there usually one root cause?

    Dr. Elsey: I do feel that there are a number of different factors. Interstitial cystitis that is a result of thinning of the GAG, protective layer, inside the urinary bladder is a large contributor to the problem. It is a painful condition which will cause cats to associate pain with the litter box.

    Studies indicate that 50% of the cats with this condition will have a normal urinalysis. The only way to get a definitive diagnosis is by putting a small scope into the bladder, equipment that is only available at a few veterinary research facilities.

    The therapy for the condition is to go into 100% can food, as it will cause a more dilute urine, and to reduce stress. Cats will have twice the total water intake on can food than they will on dry.

    CUOA: Does punishing a cat when she urinates outside the box ever work?

    Dr. Elsey: No, it only stresses the kitty and makes the problem worse.

    CUOA: Do you have any final thoughts or comments for cat owners who are trying to figure out their cat won’t use her litter box?

    Dr. Elsey: Use new giant open litter boxes filled with Cat Attract litter. Do not use old boxes as you cannot get the odors out of the plastic. A cats sense of smell is 1000 times better than ours. Feed them 100% canned cat food.

    So there you have it…one of several solutions that work together to save you time and money by eliminating a cat litter box problem from your home.

    The money I spend on Cat Attract litter saves me from replacing rugs, furniture, carpets, bedding, and air conditioning duct work since Scout uses her litter box consistently.

    If you’re experiencing cat litter box problems, give Cat Attract brand litter a try. It’s 98% effective in getting kitty to use her litter box again.