How Come Other Cultures Don’t Suffer With Their Menopause Hot Flash?

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Women in many other cultures don’t seem to suffer with their menopause hot flashes…when they follow their native cultural lifestyle habits. They don’t have the menopause symptoms that afflict American women or go through the hormonal craziness. How come?

Some cultures have experienced some of the symptoms of menopause, but instead of reaching for a quick fix with side-effects, they turned to more natural resources.

The Chinese women for example, understand the menopause change and have created natural herbal remedies. The Chinese doctors say that a woman’s flow should stop without symptoms at around the age of fifty-six. The later the better, since menstruation is considered an internal cleansing process.

Native American women knew the hormonal properties of their local plants and used them accordingly. By using natural remedies for their menopause hot flash symptoms, they avoided the consequences of the ‘quick fix’.

Japanese women rarely experience a menopause hot flash and other menopausal complaints. Their diet, their way of life, their reliance on natural herbs have contributed to their ability to manage their menopausal symptoms. Mayan women have virtually no menopausal complaints.

The list goes on…other cultures don’t have the same problems dealing with their menopausal symptoms. Here in the United States, the idea is to get a quick fix. Keep busy and maybe the symptoms will go away eventually.

How Come Other Cultures Dont Suffer With Their Menopause Hot Flash?

Let’s look at the options:

a) quick fix plan: pay lots of money for drugs with lots of side-effects, and some immediate relief.

b) Use herbs, foods, exercises to save money and have no side effects, with long term relief.

Which will you choose?

 Menopause Hot Flash Tip

Fresh squeezed juices are the best vitamin and mineral rich foods there are. There is nothing in vitamin supplement that compares to fresh fruit or vegetable juices. I challenge companies constantly to show me the proof that their vitamins are better than fresh juices.

How Come Other Cultures Dont Suffer With Their Menopause Hot Flash?

No one has accepted my challenge.

Fresh fruit juices have live enzymes that feed your glands, that feed you the hormones you need to stay calm and cool. They are also packed with natural minerals that nourish your glands.

Organic fruits and vegetables are the best, but if you can’t get them, use anything! Just juice! Women’s lives have been changed just by juicing 16 ounces of fresh juices daily. Their skin has become smoother, they lost weight, and they felt more energetic.

How Come Other Cultures Dont Suffer With Their Menopause Hot Flash?

Tip: best fruit juices: grapefruit, apples, grapes, pineapples Best vegetable combo: carrot, celery, kale, romaine lettuce

Drink 8 ounces of fruit juice in the morning, 8 ounces of vegetable juices in the afternoon.