How Cycling Helped Me Quit Smoking?

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Please keep in mind that I am neither a physician nor therapist educated in tobacco use or how to quit. I’m just a regular guy sharing my story in the hopes it will help someone else. Pay it forward is how the saying goes;)

I started cycling around the same time I quit smoking (it’s been seven years since my last cigarette). Cycling really helped me through the process of quitting. Biking was my reward for not smoking. The farther smoking faded in the rear view mirror, the better I felt. The better I felt, the more I wanted to ride. The more I rode, the more I was determined to never take another drag off a cigarette and so on. It was a positive cycle – yes, pun intended. I tell our son (I had quit years before he was born) that each push of the peddle takes back one puff of a cigarette so I have a lot of biking to do.

Smoking does do permanent damage to the body. I would never suggest that anyone can smoke because they can undo the damage later. Smoking is a harmful, dirty habit that I regret. I never think that I can completely undo what tobacco use has done to my body.

How Cycling Helped Me Quit Smoking?

If you smoke and would like to start cycling, do it! You’ll feel like a total hypocrite when you spark up in your car on the way back from the bike trail…but that’s a good thing. You’ll start shake your head every time you grab a pack because you recall the great day you had last weekend riding your bike. Let that creep into your head, don’t fight it. Before you know it, the fulfilling feeling of being physically active will out weigh any sort of immediate gratification you may get from tobacco. Once the scale tips toward a non-smoking lifestyle, keep your foot on the gas pedal and GO!