How do I block a draft?

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by Indy New
(Greencastle, IN)

We have a restaurant that has 3 tables right in front of the door. In the Winter no one wants to sit up front because it’s too cold.

I’m thinking a swing arm rod with heavy curtains. Problem: it needs to come out from the door (or the area around the door) about 5 foot and L around about 3 foot, then be easily moved against wall.


How do I block a draft?

Hi Indy

I can’t see a swing arm curtain rod working as you want it to. Plus they are not great when using heavy curtains.

I have a couple of ideas you could try. The first is to fit a Flexible, Bendable Curtain Track Kit. This track would need to be fixed to the ceiling. You could then make it follow almost any shape you want.

The curtain could be pulled around to shield the diners when needed. Then pushed out of the way when summer comes around.

You would need to get someone to make a very long curtain panel as it’s hanging from the ceiling. I would choose a plain fabric that is the same color on both sides.

This idea is what I would do, however if you want something quick and easy. Then how about just using a couple of folding screen. These are about 6ft tall and would act like a wind break.

They are not as effective as a thick curtain but quick to put in place. If interested then you can get these on ebay as well.

Best regards