How do I cover 3 windows that have 3 windows on top?

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by pat

I have 3 windows that have 3 windows on top. All windows are separated by 18 inches. How do I cover these windows?

How do I cover 3 windows that have 3 windows on top?

Hi Pat not sure if you posted another question on these windows earlier ?

No problem though I will do my best to give you some ideas.

A lot depends on how high the top windows are and if you need privacy from them. Or maybe you need to block the sunlight from them.

If neither of the above are an issue. Then I would fit a decorative curtain rod around 6 to 8 inches over the lower windows. I would fit either a long rod spanning all three window if possible. Then leave the top windows uncovered.

If the width is too big for one rod then fit three separate one over each window. Then hang curtains either one wide pair or three smaller pairs.

Now if you need to cover the top windows. Then firstly I would consider fitting shades of some kind. I would make them very neutral in color. So they just blend in and make your curtains the focal point.

I feel that with 18 inches between the upper and lower windows. You can treat them as separate windows. Only as I said before make the top ones blend in. You only want them to either give privacy or sun protection. You may need to get the top shades fitted with motors on remote control if very high up.

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