How do I decorate three window configuration?

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My 9 yr old daughter’s bedroom is on the front of the house (north). It has 3 windows that I’m not sure the right kind of curtains to put on them.

They are side by side with no space between the window moldings. They measure 28″, 40″, 28″. I’ll need an 84″ curtain to go from top of top molding to a little past the bottom of bottom molding. What do you suggest?

I have a 105″ pole rod in there now with two really wide panels to span the width of all the windows (meeting in the middle). They are from top of windows to the floor. They seem to really take over the room when they are shut…which we keep them shut at night. There are white wood blinds also in the windows but she really wants to keep curtains up that can be closed at night for complete privacy. (I do agree on that).

I’ve been looking at panels but can’t decide how that would work since most are only 42″ wide. Started thinking about a Roman shade type curtain maybe that would come down in front of all three windows and could be raised during the day time. Most likely I’ll have to make that myself…which I can since I do sew. We would like thermal or room darkening type if possible but know those get heavy so might have to do extra bracing which might impact panels type curtains. Windows are very lovely but deciding on curtains is a bit of a challenge. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Lea Ann from West Texas

How do I decorate three window configuration?

Hi lea Ann

I think I would go for roman shades as you suggested. What I would do is measure them to fit within the moulding. So you would have three shades. What I mean is that you would see 2 or 3 inches of the moulding across the top and down the sides. The shade would stop just at the bottom of the window.

If you have roman shades like this then when down they would be framed like pictures with the moulding surround. I fit romans this way all the time. I know it will take a little light out of the room setting them a little lower. However in a bedroom I don’t think this will be a problem.

This will give your windows a lighter look with not so much fabric. I hope that idea appeals to you.

Best regards