How do I drape panel curtains like a scarf?

by Jill
(Wrentham, MA)

I want to drape panels over a rod and attach the 2 panels with a rosette in the middle of the window, how do i do this???

How do I drape panel curtains like a scarf?

Hi Jill

I must admit I haven’t done this myself with curtain panels. What I would do if I was to do it is as follows.

Fit a wooden curtain rod over the window. Then drape the panel over the bracket on one side. so it hangs down the side. Then take the other end and drape it to the center of the rod. Try and make the panel that is to be the swag between the rod bracket and the center of the rod into a nice swag curve.

Then use a staple gun to fix the end in the center. Then repeat this for the other side. So you end up with the curtain panels making 2 swags. then meeting in the middle. Your Rosette would hide the staples and where the panels meet.

I hope all that makes some kind of sense to you.

Best regards