How do I dress a lopsided window/french door?

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Please help. I have recently moved into a new apartment and am struggling to find a solution to my problem. There are french doors leading to a small balcony that i would like to fit a curtain pole on.

The problem is that the right side of the wall is thicker/deeper than the left side. The doors are sitting in a concrete frame of which one side is approx 3 inches deeper than the other.

So if i fit a normal curtain rail, the difference will be very noticeable.I has been suggested that we fit a pelmet to hide any irregularities but i am not keen on that.

I hope i have explained properly and look forward to any reply



How do I dress a lopsided window/french door?

Hi T

If I understand you properly the gap on one side of your window is more than the other side. If this is right then I would not worry about it too much.

If your pole goes over to the left past the window by 6 inches and then on the right by only 3 inches as an example.

If you fit your pole and ignore the difference then hang your curtains. You will very likely not even notice the difference just by looking. Your curtains should hang over the window opening by a couple of inches.

It’s amazing once the curtains are hung how it takes your eye away from things that are not spot on. You may notice but I bet no one else will.

Best regards