How do I find a curtain rod?

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by Holly

I have a master bedroom window in my apartment that already has vertical blinds. I’d like to put a curtain in behind the blinds to help block the light and for more privacy.

The window is 95 inches long and 35 inches tall. I can’t seem to figure out what to use for a rod in the recessed part of the window. I have sliding window glass and about 3 1/2 inches depth to work with. Any ideas? Thanks.

How do I find a curtain rod?

Hi Holly

I don’t think it would work trying to squeeze curtains on a rod into such a small space. They will almost certainly push your vertical blinds out of place.

If I were you I would just get some Vertical Blind Replacement PVC Vanes like those on ebay. You could just swap these over for the ones you have. They will cut them to the length you need.

This would be the simplest way to give you privacy and make your room a lot darker.

Best regards