How do I fit a curtain on a large conservatory window?

by Annett allen


I have a large conservatory window that measures approximately 14 feet wide, the problem I have is that one side the drop is approximately 75 inches and on the other side it is approximately 101 inches.

What suggestions would you recommend to overcome the vast differences in the drop. I would prefer to have the window dressed so it is aesthetically presentable from both sides if possible.

I would like to be able to control the volume of light without having too much blocked out as the window is south west facing.

Many thanks for your help

Kind regards

Annett Allen

How do I fit a curtain on a large conservatory window?

Hi Annett

In this sort of situation I think keeping things as simple as possible is the best solution.

Just to make sure I understand you properly I will repeat back what I think you mean. Then answer your question.

You have a window 14ft wide But the left half is only 75 inches down to the sill. The right half is 101 inches to the floor level. If this is not what you meant then post a comment at the end of this answer.

I would have a pair of curtains That simply meet in the middle one short and one long. Then dress them back into tie backs. One for the look and two to hold them off the window for more light.

I would not worry about the different lengths. Don’t try to hide the different lengths it will create more problems than it solves.

If you really want a pair of curtains the same length then you would need to bring the curtain track further out from the window to clear the window sill. These are usually 6 to 8 inches deep. Which means you would have to fit a top board 8 to 10 inches deep with brackets. Then fix you track underneath to make you curtains hang straight down and not drape over the window sill.

Then you would need to hang a valance of the front of the top board to hide all the fittings. Which would block more light.

So again I think stick with the simple approach.

Best Regards