How do I fit a curtain rod?

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by Kathy
(Williamson, GA, USA)

I want to buy some type of window treatment -blinds, curtains, etc.,- on an arched shaped window. There is no separation between the window and the arch.

I really do not want to cover the arch, just the window. The window itself measures 30″ x 57″. There is no way to put a blind since the arched transom is made in with the window.

There is no where to attach it. Can you give me any suggestions? Thank you so much.

How do I fit a curtain rod?

Hi kathy

If the window frame is thick enough on each side just before the arch starts. You may be able to fit the blind brackets here.

It the frame is not wide enough. Then what I have done in the past is to fit a wood baten. This is approx 1 1/2 inches X 1/2 inch then as wide as the recess.

I painted the baten the same color as the frame. in this case white then fixed this across the window just under the arch. I secured it with one screw each end into the window frame.

I then mounted the blind to the baten. You can fit your brackets anywhere across the width of the window. Your blind when fitted will sit in front of this baten. so it it unlikely to be seen.

A 1/2 inch thick wood baten on this width of window will support all but the heaviest of blinds.

Best regards