How do I fit a ready-made pelmet to a Swish Pelmet track?

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by Debra

Hi Lee,

Debra from Leeds, West Yorkshire, here. I have just bought some new ready-made curtains for my kitchen and they are great. The shop also sold a matching pelmet and, as my Swish-fixed curtain track had a pelmet track as well, I thought, why not – it will finish the look off quite nicely.

I managed to hang the curtains but I cannot for the life of me work out how to attach the pelmet! The pelmet has the same sort of heading as the curtains i.e. it will take hooks to attach it to eyelets, but the pelmet track has no way to attach eyelets. There is a large hole though which I could thread the pelmet material onto the pelmet track but then I wouldn’t be able to attach the pelmet track back onto the wall because the material would be covering the back of the track. What am I missing here?

I hope that you can help


How do I fit a ready made pelmet to a Swish Pelmet track?

No problem Debra super Lee to the rescue How do I fit a ready made pelmet to a Swish Pelmet track?

You have a couple of options to go at.

1. Firstly you need to gather the pleats on your pelmet. Get your gathered pelmet to the same length as the rail.

2. Then you need to put standard curtain hooks into the top pockets on the curtain tape. spaced every third pocket roughly. just as you did for your curtains.

3. Now you need to take your hooked up pelmet (it’s called a valance really) and push the hook onto the top of the valance rail. The point of the hook goes down the back of the valance rail.

Do this for all the hooks and your valance will be hanging ready to dress into shape.

That’s all there is to it easy peasy really when you know how.

You can buy special swish valance rail hooks to do the job.

Best regards