How do I hang a sheer?

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by Jan
(Centralia, IL USA)

I have a window 60″ wide x 60″ lgth in my sunroom and want to use a sheer scarf 59″wx216″l. I had tried to hang this across the rod to do a wrap (sort of scallop look), sheer constantly slides off of the rod , also rod is exposed (dk brwn decor) and not happy with look. I tried to open the scarf up somewhat and could not get a nice look and also do not want the house look.

Could you please help me with this issue? I am not real creative and definitely lost in the woods when it comes to decorating, but sure want to make this work.

I am open to suggestions and corrections!

Thank You,

Jan Carter

How do I hang a sheer?

Hi Jan

To start with if you have a wooden curtain rod. Then you can stop the scarf swag moving by using push thumb tacks to hold it in place from the back of the rod. It works a treat using these.

If you have a metal curtain rod. Then either change it for a wooden one or use 1″ adhesive velcro tape. Cut it short tabs then stick one side to the rod. Then the other side to your scarf swag fabric. Again you want it be to the back so it’s not seen.

To get a good look to your scarf swag you need to start with it pleated before you start to hang. If you haven’t seen my page on making scarf swags or even if you have take a look. It gives some basic instructions on how to hang scarf swags.

Even today after many years is still takes me a while to get my scarfs hanging exactly as I want. So don’t give up.

Best regards