How do I make a padded pelmet for my round bay window?

by Kathy

I need help in joining the boards. Does each board have to be made individually and then joined? Or the other way round? i.e join the boards and then cover?

Thanks in advance


How do I make a padded pelmet for my round bay window?

Hi Kathy

If your using seven flat boards together to go around your bay window. Then you need to cover the front of each individual board with your wadding and curtain fabric. The reason you cover each board separately is because if you covered them all. Then when you fit your pelmet the fabric will loose tension in the places it bends. It just will look wrinkly, and we don’t want that How do I make a padded pelmet for my round bay window?

Then you sit them all side by side With the board side facing up. Then join then with fabric strips stapled from one board across to the other. Effectively creating a hinge. Make your hinge fabric strip a couple of inches short top and bottom. So it does not show above or below your lining.

Next you add your lining fabric to the back of your pelmet. This is one continuous piece of fabric across the whole width of the pelmet. This also acts as a hinge of sorts holding the complete pelmet together.

Then staple on a long strip of soft Velcro tape to the top of the lining side of your pelmet ready for fixing in place.

you will almost certainly need a helping hand to fit this. A bit unwieldy to do on your own.

I hope that helps you get started. If I haven’t made myself clear then please post a comment just below and I will try again.

Best regards