How do I pour concrete?

Want to pour concrete? Have you ever had that thought?Have you ever had the desire? Well pouring concrete can certainly seem like a daunting task. And due to the nature of concrete, it really can seem to be too much to handle.When dealing with concrete as a DIY’er always consult a Professional If you feel the project is too much to handle. It is always a good idea to get help if needed, as the cost of redoing the work will far outweigh the cost of hiring help.

Can I really pour concrete as a DIY’er?

This can be done, however you will certainly need some help in this area. Even myself as experienced as I am would need help.Once broken down concrete can actually be very simple.

As far as calculating concrete is concerned, the easiest way to do it is figure at 4″ thick, 80 square feet (Length X Width) is equal to 1 yard. A full cement truck carries on average 10 Yards, or 800 Square feet.

How do I pour concrete?

The easiest way to pour concrete is o have a Finisher there the day you pour. A finisher is a skilled person that brings all the necessary finishing tools to lay down the concrete. They usually charge anywhere from $200 – $400 per day.This person is the most important person on the job, and will help you smooth out the concrete and apply what ever finish you are looking for.

Once you order the ready mix truck they will only show up with the cement being mixed ready to pour. You only have about an hour to get the cement unloaded. Not to mention the cement should not really be in the truck for more than an hour. (All this is based on outside temperature of about 80 degrees)

The next important person on the job are cement pumpers, these are people or companies that are independent and will help unload the cement from the truck. They arrive 30 min to and Hour before the cement truck in order to put their hoses out and make sure they are ready.with out these pumpers the only other option to unload cement is to use a wheelbarrow or unload it directly from the truck. (I don’t recommend this method).