How do I readjust a curtain cord?

by Katarina

Hi Lee,

We can not open our curtain anymore using the cord. we are able to close it with the cord but it wouldn’t open it. so it works one way only.

First what happened was, that the one wheel on the master carrier was off the track. I was able to put it back in, but when I pulled the cord, I felt that I’m pulling it from the track and I can see that there is too much cord out.
Could you please help me to figure out how to put the cord back in place in the track?

Thank you very much


How do I readjust a curtain cord?

Hi Katarina

Sorry tio hear your having thjis problem. Without seeing the curtain track it is very difficult to be sure.

You say you have refitted the master carrier back into the track. Have you tried to move it by hand to see if it will move freely.

If it does then the problem is elsewhere. It is possible that the cord may have come off one of the pulley wheels at either end. This is a common problem and worth checking out.

The thing to keep in mind when sorting out the cords on this kind of curtain track. Is that the form a big loop starting and finishing at the master carrier. If you look at the back of the carrier you will see the knots on the ends of the cord.

Best regards