How do we get in and out of this Earth?

Remember when I say Don ask so many good questions ? Well here is one of them.We were driving and he saw an airplane. Somehow it reminded him of the space book we read the other day and he asked

“How do we get to space ?”

“With rocket, of course, just like in the book.”

“No, I mean, how do we get out of this Earth ?”

“Well, do you remember the space vehicle and the rockets and all ? With those, those are very fast and we can reach space with those.”

How do we get in and out of this Earth?

“No Mom, not how we get there. I mean how do we get OUT. You know, out of the earth.”

And suddenly I remember when I was really young. We were watching Star Wars and there was a scene when Darth Vader’s spaceship is approaching a planet. At the time I was asking the same question, how do we get in and out of a planet.

In our language, we don’t say we live ON earth. We say live AT earth. So when somebody says getting to space, it seems like earth is something that we can go in and out, it’s not clear that we just live ON earth, not IN earth.

So Don was asking the same question I had when I was young, how do we get IN or OUT of earth, it’s hard solid !!! How do we cross that solid barrier ?!

What mother wouldn’t be so proud of that kind of question, especially since it’s the same one I was asking years ago. LOL !
So we found a globe, and I explain to him about living ON earth instead of IN earth, and getting to space is just going up and up.

Then came the question of gravity (which I was worried since I didn’t think I could answer that right away) but we were distracted. Don was satisfied with his first question and he forgot about the gravity one, much to my relieve.