How Do You Feel About Women?

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In the last section, we talked about how women can have a positive view of themselves, and no one looks at them strangely. But the same isn’t true for men.

This brings up an important point when it comes to getting the woman you want. How do you feel about women?

Chances are, you have some pretty extreme feelings toward women. I’m not talking about outright hatred, though. This is a hidden hatred that permeates your interactions with women and you probably don’t even know it.

Why do I say this? Because most men who are dissatisfied in their love life actually hate women. Now yes, hate is a strong word, but it’s the most accurate word I can find to explain what I mean.

If I were to ask you, do you hate women? Obviously your answer is going to be a resounding, “NO!” Otherwise, why in the world would you be reading this? Clearly, if you hated women, you wouldn’t be reading tips on how to attract women, right? Not necessarily …

Take a moment to think about those negative views we talked about in the last section – the things you tell yourself about yourself when you think about talking to a woman you don’t know. Would you be saying those things about yourself as strongly as you do if it weren’t for women?

That’s the kind of underlying hatred I’m talking about – if it weren’t for women, you wouldn’t have such a negative view of yourself.

Guys put women up on pedestals. They are these goddess-like creatures that we believe are untouchable. We make assumptions about their goddess-like requirements for guys they want to talk to, and we make (negative) judgments about ourselves based on what we think those requirements are.

You buy into your (faulty) beliefs about who women are and what women want, and you form beliefs about yourself based on those beliefs.

I’m here to tell you, YOUR BELIEFS ARE WRONG!!

How Do You Feel About Women?

Women aren’t goddesses. They don’t sit on pedestals looking down at guys, deciding who is worthy and who isn’t. Have you ever seen a pedestal? They aren’t terribly stable. And one little rock of the base and BAM! down you fall.

Another reason guys hate women is because guys believe women are in control. Think about it – you believe women are in control of who gets a date with them; you believe women are in control of whether or not you can have sex with her; you believe women are in control of what you look like; you believe women are in control of how much money you make (if you don’t make enough, they won’t like you); you believe women are in control of what you wear.

That’s a hell of a way to live, don’t you think? Women are in control of everything, men are in control of nothing.

If you had a best friend who was whipped – you know what I’m talking about, a guy who seemingly does and says and wears whatever his woman wants, and goes wherever his woman says he should go when she says he should go – wouldn’t you think he was pathetic? Wouldn’t you give him hell because he can’t take a shit without his woman’s permission?

Are you much better if you’re too afraid to walk up to a woman and talk to her? Sure, women aren’t directly in control of you like the guy who’s attached by an invisible leash, but you still have a leash around your neck!

The truth is, women are just as human as we are. They are just as insecure about whether we’ll like them. They are just as insecure about how they look and what they say, and if they’ll be good enough for us to talk to them.

I have a friend, Suzie, who wins the medal for “The Most Insecure Person I Know.” Suzie is hot! She’s 5’5”, wears a size zero, has beautiful tits, and a great ass. She looks like she should be on the cover of a playboy magazine – that’s how incredible she is.

Suzie walks around with this air of security – she gets along with everyone, flirts with guys and girls, she’s smart and she’s funny. But you couldn’t pay Suzie enough money to go up and talk to someone she doesn’t know.

I finally asked Suzie one time why she wouldn’t talk to strangers. I was shocked at her response, “Because what if they don’t want to talk to me?”

It’s not just us, guys. Girls are just as insecure about themselves as we are – even the smoking hot chicks.