How do you turn the impossible, possible?

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Turn the impossible? Is is possible?

Have you ever felt lost? Did any of your plans just turn the other direction which completely threw you off?

There are many times when I fell that I have lost control. For example when my new two months old business does not grow according to plan, and my resources are drying up, my head was spinning then, I felt a sense of confusion in me.

I start to lose faith on my inner self. Everything seems impossible; I doubted my capacities. I was on the verge of giving up, I thought I could not pull through. The situation is extremely bad, I asked myself time and again, “why is this happening to me?”

But does all those worrying help? Does all those doubt help me to achieve anything? Certainly not. It drains my energy and makes me feel helpless and powerless. I was going into depression. I could not work anymore. I couldn’t do anything except to dwell in my doubt and inability.

Be 100% responsible for your life

Take charge of your life. Be 100% responsible for it. Change your words from “I should” to “I must”. Most people could not achieve what they want is because they told themselves or others, ” I should be writing a book”, “I should act on that idea.”

Usually they will not do it. Why? Because they are giving themselves an option. Human when given an option, will choose the easier way.

How do you turn the impossible, possible?

Let say you choose to use “I must.” “I must write a book by this year”, “I must earn $100,000 this year.” Did you see the difference? Did you feel a shift of energy?

Your brain is left with no choice, but to do it. You must do it. When the brain is left with no chice, it will actively look out for solution. There will be no failure, only success when you change your way. Because failure is no longer an option.

Your brain will give you the answers to your challenges, turning your impossible, possible.