How Do You Use Your Ability To Communicate?

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What have you left unsaid?

Even though we possess a great ability to communicate, life often passes us by and we never get the chance to tell others how much we care or how much they have influenced our life. When is the last time you contacted that long lost friend that you haven’t seen in over a year?

Will it be too late when you get around to it?

You need to communicate with those whom you love the most. Do not let what needs to be said get pushed aside and piled up until resentment is so deep that there is no forseeable way to mend the fence. Failure to communicate can close so many opportunities to be closer to the ones we truly care about. Even if there are no misunderstandings, we still need to use our ability to communicate and let other people in our lives know how important they are to us and how they have touched our life.
How Do You Use Your Ability To Communicate?

The people that touch our life everyday are too important to let go. The moments shared are way too precious to be forgotten and never relived. The good times should not be pushed aside and forgotten by bitter words and anger. We all have the ability to communicate ~ it is easier for some then others.

Take the time to let those you care about know just how important they are to you.

Find an opportunity to share caring words instead of anger.

Make an attempt to mend a fence if someone else can’t.

A failure to communicate never solved any problem