How far apart should I place my grommets?

by Jaclyn
(Chesterfield, MI )

I have ready made thermal curtains to hang in my sons room. They measure 42″ long with a 1/2″ seam on the sides. I want to make these with grommets in them. The grommets are 1″ diam. How far apart should I place these. How much fabric should be left on the ends?

How far apart should I place my grommets?

Hi Jaclyn

As a rough rule of thumb you need around 5 inches between each grommet. You may need to adjust this a little wider or narrower to get an even number across the top of your curtain header.

You also need to set them in from each end about 2 inches. So lay out your curtain then space out your grommets so you end up roughly 2 inches in each side and roughly 5 inches apart.

So if your curtain is 42 inches wide you would put the end grommets in 2/12 inches each side. Then space your other 6 grommets every 5 1/4 inches apart.

If it all looks right then mark the spot for each grommet. You may wonder why you need 5 inches between each grommet. Well the answer is because of the way they hang when finished.

This amount of spacing allows your curtains to hang into pleats that look good and make your curtain drape well.

good luck with your project.

Best regards