How I Found a Great Way to Get Into Bents? Used Recumbent Bicycles

Used recumbent bicycles help lower the cost of getting into recumbent cycling. Bent’s are low in production and manufactures have to increase cost to make a profit. Some ‘bents cost upwards of $5,000. Some people just don’t have that kind of cash to put in to a bicycle. However, there are people out there looking to upgrade. So, they will sell their bikes, take that money, and put forth toward a new bike. Buying used recumbent bicycles is great way to get a good bike for a great price.

Also, bicycles are just like computers: infinitely upgradeable. If you by a used bike you can spend as much money on upgrading as you like. Since recumbent are more expensive, it’s more cost effective to upgrade a machine than to buy a new one. Unlike mountain bikes which are inexpensive because of mass production, it would be more cost effective to buy a new mountain bike than to upgrade it.

How I Found a Great Way to Get Into Bents? Used Recumbent Bicycles

Bent Riders Online

Bent Riders Online’s forum has a classifieds section for people wanting to buy/sell used recumbent bikes and equipment. You can always find good deals there. I found a great deal on a set of 20/26 Alex DH-16 wheels for $90! To have a set of wheels custom built similar to this would cost you about $200.

The Hostel Shoppe

The Hostel Shoppe is the net’s largest recumbent bicycle order house. They also have a classifieds section. There deals aren’t quite as good as Bentrider’s classifieds section.