How I found fitness motivation in my dreams

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How I found fitness motivation in my dreams, I asked questions. It was the night before a new years eve some time ago, when I had this dream where in it I looked up to the sky and I asked out loud show me what it is I could do or should be doing with my future.

I was then made aware of a red folder under my arm and I knew I was to open it to find the answer. Well I reached into the folder and I pulled out a black and white covered memo booklet. I then opened the cover and saw that the first page was totally blank! I thought for a moment and figured I would normally skip the first page when writing or documenting something myself, so next in this dream I felt for the second page it’s texture was smooth no indication of any writing. I then looked and it to was blank I then continued to flip a few more pages and realized the entire booklet was blank, in frustration I threw the booklet to the floor and fell deeper into sleep.

How I found fitness motivation in my dreams

Some time had passed it might have been a couple of hours or a couple of minutes when I woke up and with inner sight I saw what the booklet meant. It meant that I was free to do anything and that I could start here with whatever I chose to do, that I would be writing my future now! Strange as it may seem it was the perfect answer for me and the perfect fitness motivation.

The same applies to you! You’re writing the pages right now to a day which includes your best training effort. You’re the one making this happen here and now. You’re the author of your life; you’ve decided that you’re going to live life to the fullest, that today and the next, you’re ready to take action. Every piece of you feels the need, the need for facing off with this session taking from it, taking everything from it with complete totality leaving behind only conquest. So continue writing, continue through this chapter and prepare to type out the next.