How Important Is Persistence?

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I was participating in a tele-seminar the other day and had a re-revelation about the importance of being persistent and staying in the game, even if I feel like bailing out. In thinking about this, I thought it worthy of spending some time together with it.

One of the speakers was discussing the importance of “paying your dues” and how important it is to “hang in there” and persist. It got me to thinking about what we’re doing here and how it’s been my dream for many years to be in a position to share this great information with you, the reader of “Mind-Gram”.

You see, your success is my success. In a recent call with my MasterMind group, one of the members of the group was telling us about how she has had a major breakthrough recently.

Hearing her describe her describe her “win” gave me such a feeling of pride because, in a small way, I participated in her victory. How? By being part of a group that supported her in HER goals-without any thought of myself.

I knew that the major reason for her success was persistence. I knew that, over the last several months, she was keeping at it and, in her own way, paying her dues.

How Important Is Persistence?

As Bob Proctor teaches, you don’t control the timing of when your goals will come to pass. It’s out of your control. Your job is to set your goal and “pay your dues” by working at it and constantly keeping your goal in front of you. If you stay the course and keep with it, you will get what you want.