How important is self-confidence?

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As you will find with self improvement there are many key ingredients.One of them is self confidence and is an important part to achieving progress in any walk of life.Its perception is held by you and others. Your attempts at bettering yourself shouldn’t fall to the side.Most people think it comes from the result of success,but it s actually an ingredient of success.

This can be characterized by assertiveness,optimism, eagerness,affection,pride,independence,trust and the ability to handle criticism.It is a psychological and emotional mind set that responds to our need for acceptance and recognition.

Building this is important for everyday life and for achieving any task or goal.Self-confidence is an individual’s belief that he or she can successfully perform a specific activity or task.It can sometimes be overwhelmed by other beliefs such as doubts,indecision and irrational thinking. One thing I to do is to read self confidence quotes.

The first thing that you should do when you are trying to improve upon this is to separate the past from the present.What happened in the past is done.You cannot recall the past.Living in the past will also harm your chances of overcoming your fears. One way to improve this is to do the things you fear most and get a record of successful experiences behind you.The most effective way to build this is by setting performance-based goals. Also,working on having a positive self image is very important.

How important is self confidence?

Side note: I remember when I was a kid and there was the high dive at the local pool I went too.Looking at it didn’t look so scary and I wanted to do it. My Dad suggested I was still kind of young.The time finally came when he said I could try it. I proudly walked over and took hold of the ladder.The first rung was ok.The higher I got the scarier it got.

What self-confidence I had was gone really fast. lol I think it took me 10 minutes from the top of the ladder to get to the end of the board and then another five minutes for some courage building. lol After I did it all that confidence came back and it was a piece of cake. Of course later on I got over confident and did stupid things on it.The final lesson I got was that water sure hurts when you hit it the wrong way.

I believe self confidence is the quality in which one must keep in balance,not to have too much or too little. How important is self confidence?