How is the climate of york mountain wine country?

York Mountain Wine Country is located in the western part of the broader Paso Robles AVA. The local weather is very different than the overall climate of its parent AVA.

Temperatures are cooler and rainfall is higher than in the rest of Paso Robles. On average, York Mountain annually receives 45 inches of rain but can get as high as 80 inches. The Paso Robles AVA only receives 14 inches annually.

These climatic differences can be attributed to location. York Mountain is right at the opening of the Templeton gap and is influenced by cool, coastal breezes. Despite this coastal influence, the AVA actually receives quite a bit of sun exposure.

Temperatures during the growing regularly swing from a low of 40 degrees fahrenheit at night to a high of 90 degrees during the day. The climate is classified as a cool Region II by the UC Davis Heat Summation Scale.

How is the climate of york mountain wine country?

The overall effect of AVA’s cooler climate is that wines tend to be leaner and more acidic than their eastern cousins. Whereas Paso Robles is known for big, jammy wines, York Mountain makes restrained, fresh wines that exibit remarkable finesse.